Every single day our expert practitioners at Refuge engage in thousands of interactions with the women and children depending on our services. These interactions range from the first contact – making a risk assessment for a woman when she first enters a refuge, for example – to the end ones, like liaising with the police to progress a legal case against her attacker.

Each interaction is vital. Together, they can make the difference between life and death. That’s why, eight years ago, we started developing our own cloud-based case management and outcomes tool for our caseworkers.

This is not another layer of form-filling – in fact, it was designed as part of an anti-bureaucracy drive. So it fits in with the way expert practitioners work, monitoring and evaluating all their interactions, and making sure that each one is being performed to the highest possible standards. Which helps to free up practitioners to focus on the work that really motivates them: helping vulnerable people in need.

The outcomes framework is also designed around our practical experience in the field, and the evidence that it provides has been one of the main reasons Refuge has been so successful in delivering services that meet the real needs of clients.

We believe that IMPACT is a critical factor in the work we do for vulnerable women and children. And we also believe that it is too important a tool to be kept to ourselves.

Which is why we are making IMPACT easily available to all other groups helping those at risk.

What makes IMPACT different?

IMPACT is not a static database. It is dynamic and interactive, constantly scanning for ‘gaps’ in casework which could put a client at risk. Missed deadlines for risk assessments, for example, will trigger alerts. IMPACT will also ‘prompt’ staff to ask vital questions around safeguarding.

IMPACT’s specialised management tools enable service managers to evaluate the needs of victims, look at how well a service is performing, and implement plans to ensure continuous service improvement.

We also realise that every commissioner and funder is unique, with different priorities and needs.

IMPACT allows Refuge to produce bespoke, evidence-based outcomes reports – tailored to meet the needs of each individual funder. The huge wealth of sophisticated data IMPACT contains can be mined to demonstrate the impacts of our work for individual clients or across specific services.

All of our outcomes reports are based on robust evidence, including comprehensive intake and exit measures and data collected through ongoing risk assessment procedures with our clients.

IMPACT also allows us to monitor diverse outcomes for children, demonstrating the impact of our services on their health, safety, education and social wellbeing.

How can IMPACT help you?

To see in more detail how IMPACT can help you, whether you are a caseworker, a service manager or a commissioner, please visit the Benefits page.

Refuge has a genuine interest in those relying on their services and is meticulous in caring for the smaller details, which is as refreshing as it is inspiring. As an organisation they are far above and beyond the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and without doubt have set the gold standard for other businesses to aspire to.

David PointsQuality & Information Security Consultant - ADL Consultancy

Refuge has developed one of the best IT support tools I have seen. The system is intuitive and supports all the process required by staff and management with the relevant reporting checks and data analysis built in. IMPACT supports the organisation’s ability to assess achievements and look at areas for improvement. The system is tailored for individual support plans and check lists to be developed for each client along with the associated risk assessments. The system will track client reviews and the management are required to carry out a % check of the processes at service and regional level.

John WilbyAnnual QAF Validation Report - Supporting People

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