Everyone can IMPACT

Those at Risk

IMPACT is focused on helping make sure that vulnerable clients and their children are given the best possible pathway to a safer and better life. They can feel reassured that all the support systems are in place and are coordinated properly.

Case Workers

IMPACT was designed by case workers, so it’s instantly understandable and intuitive to use. Because IMPACT can keep tabs on what needs to happen for many concurrent cases, it frees case workers to focus on giving personal support.

Service Providers

For service providers, IMPACT provides a real-time overview of all the cases that are being worked on, what things need attention, and how well the service is performing. The built-in outcomes framework is invaluable when competing for funding, contracts or service renewal.

Service Commissioners

Getting funding and approval for projects and services is harder than ever. IMPACT gives commissioners reassurance that the services will deliver high-quality and effective performance, as well as providing oversight and accountability.


Helping to protect some of the most vulnerable in society might seem reason enough to use IMPACT. However, there are pragmatic benefits as well – an independent evaluation commissioned by Refuge and conducted by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) determined that the social return on investment in VAWG services produces £4.94 for every £1 invested. And the cumulative (and anonymised) amount of data on the services and outcomes provided by IMPACT is already potentially invaluable for research to help direct future initiatives and help save more lives.

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