There is an extensive range of standard reports built into IMPACT and bespoke reporting can be easily achieved by exporting the data in excel.

Contact Jane Keeper on 020 7395 7745 for more information and a demo, or complete the contact form at the bottom of this page.

We do charge a minimal fee for using IMPACT. This is partly to cover the costs of development and running IMPACT at a larger scale, and also to cover the support and training costs that we incur.

1-5 users: £35 per month per user
6-10 users: £40 per month per user
11-25 users: £45 per month per user


Contact Jane Keeper at Refuge for further details.

We have made IMPACT as simple and straightforward to implement as possible. Because it’s an online system, your group could be up and running with IMPACT in a matter of days, but this depends on whether we need to transfer data from an existing system.  We also need to look at your infrastructure and reporting requirements so a simple system could be up and running very quickly, but a large scale system would take longer to implement.

We would provide full training to enable your users to get fully up to speed as soon as possible.

IMPACT provides datasets and reports that can be exported into Excel.

Yes, to meet individual needs. For example, you may need a unique reference field or to include a specific outcome into the framework.

Technical support is provided by ICARIS Ltd based in the UK, IMPACT was written by ICARIS and is fully supported by them.

The software is owned by Refuge.

No special software is needed, just an internet browser is required. (If you want to download information into Excel, a Microsoft Office Subscription is needed)

Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari.

It will work across all operating systems. Windows, MacOs, Andriod and Linux.

Because it’s an online system, it can be used anywhere there’s internet access – on smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. – which makes it much more practical as caseworkers rarely spend all their time in an office.

For security reasons, we restrict access to certain locations using static ip addresses, but as long as they have been authorised or you are using a dongle with a static ip address, you can access it.

Any internet enabled device can access IMPACT, but please be aware of the screen size as a lot of information is held within the system.

IMPACT is available 24/7 365 days a year, scheduled routine maintenance is carried out at specific times of which you are advised in advance.

IMPACT is protected by a 256 bit SSL certification for the highest level encryption. All data stored on the web server is also stored in an encrypted format.

The data centres are housed in the UK.

Start using IMPACT today!

If you would like more information, or to arrange a demonstration of IMPACT,
please either call Jane Keeper on 020 7395 7745 or simply fill in the form below.