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I was asked to set up a brand new VAWG service in Lewisham in early 2015. The challenging contract requirements required so much more information to be recorded on a daily basis and covered a much wider remit. IMPACT meant we could work alongside the commissioners to produce a bespoke report showing the true extent of violence against women and girls and male victims in Lewisham.

IMPACT enabled us to focus on key outcomes and produce data evidencing very specific pieces of work which sparked exciting conversations between service providers and commissioners.

Commissioning contracts are becoming more diverse and service requirements are complex.  Managers need systems to help them to monitor the services, evidence outcomes and produce clear and concise reports. IMPACT allows this to happen.

It ensures we capture all the specialist work that we are carrying out on the front line – but most important of all IMPACT keeps the service user at the heart of the service. We are exploring, discussing and analysing the data we have gathered thanks to IMPACT – and we’ll use this data to learn and evolve continuously.

Saira AddisonService Manager Athena VAWG Services - Lewisham

I just wanted to say thank you. I really feel like I know what to do now. Ever since I first contacted you, you have been brilliant and I have really appreciated all you have done. I now have a sense of self-respect and strength that I never thought I would have. I now know my rights and I know that there are people out there to support me. I have really appreciated all your phone calls and follow ups, so really thank you.


The support has been remarkable – far more than I expected. My worker helped keep me sane when I needed it most; I don’t think I could have got through this period of time without her support. I had to go through both the criminal and civil courts and my worker gave me lots of information and advocated on my behalf when all I wanted to do was bury my head in the sand. She also gave me vital safety advice and helped me realise the risks I could experience from my perpetrator. The support I received felt like my survival kit.


IMPACT is a really great system. It allows us to fully understand the work of the service, the outcomes achieved and how best to modify provision to meet changing and emerging need. More importantly it also provides concrete reassurance that every interaction with a vulnerable individual is structured in such a way that both provides support and identifies risks in a sensitive and timely manner.

James LeeHead of Service - Cultural and Community Development and Service Manager, Lewisham

Refuge’s IMPACT tool has been of great benefit to us at Richmond Council. It enables the domestic violence specialists in the borough to deliver a professional service which ensures they focus on supporting victims, ensuring they receive high quality support and protection, rather than spending their valuable time filling in endless forms. In the current economic climate it is vital that value for money is achieved and evidenced, and Impact provides this in a well-structured way providing clear well evidenced outcomes that make a strong case for these much needed specialist services.

Michael AllenDomestic Abuse and Hate Crime coordinator - London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

I manage a large domestic violence service that includes specialist services for high risk South Asian and Eastern European women and their children. IMPACT has ensured my team and I deliver high standards of recording case details.

As a manager I can easily electronically dip sample cases that are being managed by my team to ensure we are delivering, and achieving, high quality support to our clients. My team also feels supported by IMPACT as the casework management tool gives prompt electronic feedback about urgent actions we need to take on the cases we are supporting.

Another very useful IMPACT function is being able to retrieve easily important case information which helps us prepare for multi-agency partnership meetings. IMPACT also enables us to track our partnership working and monitor outcomes with key agencies, such as the police and the criminal justice system.

Alongside collating data around domestic and sexual violence, my team is able to capture women’s broader experiences of violence and abuse. This could include forced marriages, so-called ‘honour’-based violence and female genital mutilation, amongst others. Many women we support have additional needs such as their immigration status, mental health or substance abuse matters. We can embed all this vital information into IMPACT and in turn put actions in place which meet a woman’s range of needs.

IMPACT is helping my team evidence the complexity of our work, keep track of a myriad of complex overlapping experiences of violence, whilst ensuring we achieve high quality standards for our clients and meet the outcomes of our funders.

Nadia NazirManager of Domestic Violence - 'Honour'-Based Violence and Eastern European Service

Your support has made me feel stronger. With your help I have been able to make decisions that are good for me and my child. I had forgotten that I mattered.


When I emailed the Refuge service it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Someone contacted me and made an appointment to see me. My worker totally understood what I was going through; she did not judge me but supported me so I could make my own decisions. I learnt to accept that what he had done to me was wrong and that the abuse was his power and control over me. I have finally stopped blaming myself for what he did to me. I don’t think I could have got through this without the support of my worker. Thank you doesn’t seem enough, but I feel stronger, empowered to now move on with my life.


The support I’ve had from Refuge has been amazing. I experienced domestic violence for years – when it first starts you brush it off and think it will get better, but by the time you realise that nothing will change and that it’s getting worse you feel too weak to get out and you are too isolated. The effects on my children have been huge – all of my children are seeing the doctor for various reasons related to experiencing domestic violence. They are scared of loud noises – scared of shouting – scared for me to leave them anywhere. The children don’t like being away from me. Now they are on their own with me our house is much calmer, my life is settled, the children know where they are and they don’t come in and see mummy crying.  Now they have some calmness in their life. It’s been a big step to really believe that the violence I experienced isn’t my fault – some time ago I stopped telling my friends what was happening as they just used to tell me to get out. My baby daughter was conceived as a result of rape – I’m not sure if I will have a relationship again but I hope to. Thank you so much I couldn’t have escaped him without you.


You provide a really good service. K is really excellent at her job; she is working on a (distant county) case and I do not believe that without her help the client would ever have considered attending court. K is very professional and has gone far and beyond where others would have stopped. The client has been feeling suicidal and K has been there doing her best to pick up the pieces. She has made a real difference.

Detective ConstableLewisham Police Station, London

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